Victorious In Daytona

iRPS – Round 4 Review
November 26, 2017
Victorious In Daytona again……
February 21, 2018

Victorious In Daytona

The Radicals Online Team opened the 2018 season with a brilliant overall victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Three teams for the event, all achieving some great results:

Daytona Prototype:
Drivers: Carl, Adam, Alex, Nick

Starting 12th, the DP squad carved their way through the field in the opening stints – taking advantage of incidents for the leaders to be right in contention after only a few hours into the race. Carl handed over to Adam who continued to produce a great pace with Alex and Nick keeping the car clean throughout the night allowing Carl to produce a storming pace in the last few hours to take the victory on the last lap of the race.

Alex Sadler:

“Really proud to be a part of this amazing team and to have produced such an amazing result! My pace was slower due to limited running – having just started on the Saturday morning – but the other 3 guys really stepped it up to deserve this win.”

Adam Tierney:

“Carl drove a phenomenal race with some stellar pace. I was happy we made the time up once I got in the car during the night. Thanks to Alex, Carl and Nick for helping us get the win.”

Nick Ottinger:

“Can’t say much more about the pace Carl had. He put us back in contention to win in the final hour and it was amazing to watch. Thanks to Adam and Alex for the night stints.”

Ferrari GTE #1:

Drivers: Sindre, Yuta, Manu, Josh

Further success for the team also as the first GTE car entry finished 3rd in their class. A hard fought race by all 4 drivers meant they too were able to climb up through the field throughout the twenty four hours of racing.

Manu Sanchez:

“It was a total team effort to hold onto 3rd since 5 in the morning. Thanks to the Radical GTE team for the great pace.”

Josh Thompson:

“Was a great event for the team working with Sindre, Yuta and Manu! First endurance event in Radicals and managing to stay out of trouble and come home in 3rd place!”

Sindre Setsaas:

“Was a pleasure to drive with Josh, Yuta and Manu. Kept the car clean all race and it payed off in the end.”


Ferrari GTE #2:

Drivers: Paul, Ryan, Deni, Joeri and Joe

The second Radicals Online GTE entry just missed out on top split, but would have an eventful race in second split instead.
Some bodywork modifications were made as the car scraped the pit exit wall at the opening lap which would be the start of a series of a missteps being made over the course of the 24h.
After a further 2 spins with GT3 cars, a pit crew strike, a pit wall strength test, the first 9 hours of the race were completed with by power outage by one of the drivers.

The race wasn’t looking great at that part being around 10th in class. But all 5 drivers, Ryan, Deni, Joeri, Joe and Paul kept their heads down and the remaining part of the race was much better. Despite being down on top speed they slowly moved up in the field gaining positions when other teams started running into issues. Some minor spins towards the end of the 24 hours didn’t impact the result anymore and the guys managed to finish in a solid 5th position.


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